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What Makes Robinwood Unique

Robinwood's Big Spartan Mentors

Big Spartan/Little Spartan has a great group of student leaders from Boardman High School who visit Robinwood students once a month. They play games, do puzzles and make artwork, but more importantly, they forge great relationships with our young Spartans. 

Robinwood technology lab girl at computer

Technology Lab 

Technology Lab teacher, Kathy Powell, works with all students K-3.  Whether its keyboarding or 3D mazes, Coding with ozobots or google docs and slides--our students are learning the concepts that are the building blocks of the future.

Learning with technology is part of the lab, but also integrated into all classrooms to prepare our kids for the natural transitions as they move to middle school. 

Working Well Together

Robinwood computer lab boys working together
Robinwood Green Team Harvest Party pumpkin relay race

Green Team Events 

These monthly events celebrate good behavior! Who doesn't love frozen turkey bowling, cookie decorating, or "pumpkin bash" balance tests in a fun relay race?


Robinwood Green Team Party Conga Line


STEM Hands-On Learning 

STEM experiements like this one help students explore the properties of solids and how shape and materials can determine strength.

Some projects for 3rd graders included building a STEM bridge with straws,   rubber bands and paper clips that supported pennies. You might be surprised how strong some of the structures were!

Holiday Visit

Robinwood Holiday Santa Visit